Coweta County Schools Curriculum Connection Pages are meant to be used as an extension of what is going on in the classroom
and to give students and teachers an opportunity to review, reinforce, practice, research, extend, and apply curriculum based skills.

Indicates a link to a Quality Core Curriculum Web Source (QCC)

1 Lingua Latina

1 Virtual Tourist

1 Latin Dictionary

1 Alexander The Great

1 Bulfinch's Mythology

1 Enigman's Favorite Latin Sayings

1 Latin Phrases

1 Maps of the Roman Empire

1 Maps and Codices of the Roman Empire

1 Latin Origins

1 Roman Pula

1 Take Our Word For It

1 Roman Dishes

1 Daily Life in Ancient Rome

1 Greek and Latin Roots Quiz

1 Figures of Speech

1 Hercules

1 The Real Story of the Olympics

1 Carnuntum

1 Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

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