Coweta County Schools Curriculum Connection Pages are meant to be used as an extension of what is going on in the classroom and to give students and teachers an opportunity to review, reinforce, practice, research, extend, and apply curriculum based skills.

80s Culture

Abraham Lincoln

Air Force History

A Kid's Perspective

A Nation Divided


Ben's Guide To Government

Berlin Wall - Rise and Fall

Brain Pop - Technology

Branches of Government

Cartoons of the Guilded Age

Children of the Camps

Citizen X

Citizenship Challenge

Color Landforms of the United States

Create A Graph

Diamond Ranch Web Site

Duke Ellington's Washinton

Early Adventures With The Automobile

Ellis Island

Energy Information Kids Page

Eye Witness

Foreign Immigrants in Industrial America

Frontier Girl

Go West Across America!

Inside The White House

Kids Democracy Project

My Hero

National Geographic

Nifty Fifties

Pearl Harbor

Political Cartoons

Songs of WWII

The American Experience

The History Place

The Homefront

The Plains Indians

Totally 60s

Totally 70s

Videos Almanac of the 80s and 90s

We Made Do

Women Come To The Front

World War I

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