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Meal Pay Plus


Academic Bowl

Sponsor: Dr.Shelia Barnes, Samantha Clark, Sharon Adkins, Theresa Flanagan

Purpose: Foster a competitive learning spirit.


Arnall Ambassadors

Sponsor:  Dawn Jerrell,  Denise Shepherd, Connie Parmer

Purpose:  Students representing Arnall in the community through volunteer work


Art Club

Sponsor:  Whitney Garner, Lenore Austin

Purpose:  Study art and promote the enjoyment of art in the school and community


Beta Club

Sponsor: Samantha ClarkDenise Sheperd

Purpose: Honor students with high academic performance based on grade point average


Future  Georgia Educators 

Sponsor:  Charlene Morris,  Darby Jones

Purpose:  To motivate future educators to enforce the importance of education


Geography Bee

Sponsor:  Samantha Clark 

Purpose:  Enrich student knowledge of world geography through competition


Heartbeat Club

Sponsor:  Priscilla Letourneau, Lisa Hearn, Linda Ballard, Amanda Inman, Stephanie Steerman

Purpose:  Student led faith based club working to enrich the school and community


Junior Law Enforcement Academy

Sponsor:  Donna Gordon

Purpose:  Cadets learn about civil law, the judicial system, and other areas related to  law enforcement


Knight Writers

Sponsor:   Lynn Sovik, Jennifer Jackson

Purpose:  Promote quality writing skills


Roadrunner Club

Sponsor: Matt MangumTripp Hicks

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for all students to become physically active after school.


Select Chorus

Sponsor: Robin White

Purpose: To give chorus students, who are selected through audition, the opportunity to perform for special events.


Science Olympiad

Sponsor: TBD

Purpose: To compete in a variety of science building, test taking and lab events in an individual and team setting.


Spelling Bee

Sponsor: Kevin Waldrup

Purpose:  Classroom, grade level and school wide competition